15 mar. 2016

10 Things to do in Santiago

If you are in Santiago for a vacation or just to enjoy a day in the city, you should know what you can't miss:

1. If you are in love, take a photo with your partner in Alameda Park, just in front of "Árbol del Amor", with the Santiago Cathedral on your back. It's a beautiful memory and one of the best places to photograph. 

2Lie on your back on the ground of Obradoiro Square . For real, do it! You can see the cathedral upside down as if falling on you.

3. Take a pic with "Las 2 Marías", is not just a statue, is something more! It's a freedom symbol, you should know the story of these two women.

4. Look for the "Carallo 29", a falic statue which have a particular story. Don't forget that Galician people use the word "carallo" for everything you can imagine.

5. Search the mysterious shadow of a pilgrim in Quintana Square. Take a photo if you are capable to find it. You need to go in the darkness of the night...

6. Find out where the seven doors of Santiago's medieval wall were. Only one door remains standing: "Arco de Mazarelos", Find it!

7. Try Santiago's cake in one the delicatessem shops; it's an almond cake very tasty. If you are more greedy, your best option is "Pedras de Santiago", very nice chocolate bonbons!

8. Go across to the narrowest street on the city: Entrerrúas street, between the two popular streets Nova and Vilar.

9.  Take the tourist train for a tour around the city; enjoy each corner to the old town by train.

10. And the most important, enjoy the rain!! Yes, of course! you know  the weather in Santiago is usually rainy, so, just enjoy it!  Until the stones look different..,so beautiful!

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